ANDRITZ Ritz GmbH, located in Schwabisch Gmund, Germany, is one of the  world’s leading manufacturers  of centrifugal pumps and motors for transport of all kinds of fluids. In December  2010, the company became part of the ANDRITZ GROUP.

Established in 1877, ANDRITZ produces a wide range of pumps for water supply and distribution, industrial applications and sewage plants.

andritz Ritz
made in germany

Pump types include: End suction pumps,axial split case pumps,high pressure pumps,submersible motor pumps,single-suction submersible motor pumps,double-suction submersible motor pumps,sewage dry pumps and sewage wet pumps.These pumps are manufactured  with the highest quality of material such as grey cast iron, bronze,ductile iron and stainless steel.

For over 100 years,ANDRITZ has been a byword for competence and innovation in the design of centrifugal pumps. ANDRITZ centrifugal pumps meet the high customer demands in terms of efficiency,long service life,maintenance and economy. ANDRITZ pumps cover the requirements for municipal and for industrial wastewater disposal. The Company is one of the few pump manufacturers offering sewage pumps for both dry and wet installation.

Double-suction Submersible Motor Pumps

HDM Series

HDM- The solution

To solve the issue of overloading and stresses,two pumps are arranged one above the other, running  in counter direction and driven by a continuous pump  shaft. Splitting  the workload between both pumps ensures complete axial thrust balancing and thus contributes towards solving the problems offorce effects on the unit and loads on the thrust bearingsiat the same time, the flow and suction speed outside the pump is halved. Thus, well walls are protected around the suction areas,and the intake of abrasive particles is minimized.

Single-flow submersible motor pumps

MS-T – Modular Shaft Technology

MS-T – The solution
MS-T is not only a technological evolution, from the cost perspective it is a revolution.

MS-T is designed using a modular concept – with all of its technical and economic advantages:

  • Flexible adjustment to changing pumping conditions – easy and fast by extending or reducing the number of stages.
  • Simple, time-saving, and targeted installation and removal of individual stages, either horizontal or vertical.
  • A small number of highly standardized components ensure high availability and short delivery times, as well as low storage costs for the operator.

Thus, pumps with MS-T are the best solution wherever there is a need for operating reliability, freedom from maintenance, long service life, high efficiency, and flexible heads.

andritz submersible pumps
Design:multi-stage, single flow submersible motor
Head:up to 800 m Flow
rate:up to 900 m3/h
Pressure:up to 100 bar
Temperature:up to 75 oc
Speed:up to 3,600 rpm

ANDRITZ – HDM series

Design:multi-stage, double suction submersible motor
Head:up to 1,500 m Flow
rate:up to 6,000 m3/h
Pressure:up to 150 bar
Temperature:up to 75 oc
Speed:up to 3,600 rpm

Split Case Pumps

Double flow split case pumps are installed for water  supply, irrigation, or flood controlias circulation water or cooling water pumpsiin district heating plants or as fan pumps. With efficiencies of over goo/o,ANDRITZ split case pumps help to save valuable energy.

Split Case Pumps

ANDRITZ- Split case pumps

Design:Single-stage, Axial split case
Consistency (P&P industry):up to 2%
Head:up to 220m
Flow rate:up to 20,000 m3/h
customized up to 36,000 m31h
Pressure:up to 25 bar
Temperature:up to 110• C
Power:up to 7,000 kW
Split Case Pumps

High-pressure Pumps,HP and MP Series

ANDRITZ multi-stage pumps are used for high-pressure  municipal and industrial applications, e.g. water supply, irrigation, circulation,and boiler-feed. The pumps are installed for conveying cold and hot water,condensate,deionized water,oils,and suspensions.

ANDRITZ Ritz- HP series

Design:Multi-stage, High-pressure
Head:up to 400 m
Flow rate:up to 800 w/h
Pressure:up to 40 bar
Temperature:up to 140• C
Speed:up to 3,600 rpm

ANDRITZ – MP series

Design:Multi-stage, Closed impellers
Head:up to 800 m
Flow rate:up to 400 w/h
Pressure:up to 100 bar
Temperature:up to 140• C

The facts

  • Flow rates up to 800 m3/h
  • Heads up to 800 m
  • Speed up to 3600 rpm
  • Temperatures up to 160 •c
  • Casing pressure up to 100 bar
High-pressure Pumps
High-pressure Pumps
High-pressure Pumps

ANDRITZ Sewage Pumps


ANDRITZ waste water pumps are used for conveying  sewage, waste water, and other types of sludge within the municipal, industrial,and private sector. The compact,space-efficient,close-coupled units are installed in wet or dry locations.

They are a cost-effective solution for all types of sewage transportation and also available in explosion proof (ATEX) design. The channel impeller pumps  of the SW series are single -stage submersible sewage pumps with a pressure- water-tight motor and a closed-coupled design. They can be supplied for different types of installation and with various impeller types.

Sewage Pumps
Design:single-stage, submersible, close-coupled
Head:up to 80 m
Flow rate:up to 2,600 m3/h
Pressure:up to 10 bar
Temperature:up to 40° C
Sewage Pumps