OME Motors, established in the 1960’s in Italy, is a leading manufacturer of all types of electrical motors having the best quality and highest efficiency values in the market. Their tailor-made service provides the opportunity to customize electric motors, standard or explosion proof, for any required project. OME motors are the perfect choice for coupling with pumps, compressors, turbines, fans and blowers.


OME product ranges include: Standard low voltage motors (NEMA and IEC), explosion proof low voltage motors (ATEX certified), IE4 permanent magnets, synchronous generators and motors, marine motors, medium and high voltage motors up to 2500kW.

OME offers a wide range of AC asynchronous motors with high insulation class for coupling with the various types of pumps (centrifugal and screw) through special couplings and adapters.

Standard Low Voltage Motors

IE1 Standard Efficiency Motors, IE2 High Efficiency Motors. IE3 Premium Efficiency Motors.
The standard OME electric motors are asynchronous closed type, with external ventilation and squirrel cage rotor.
Ranging from 4kW to 315kW, cast iron housing with the highest efficiency up to 96.4% where high energy saving could be achieved.

Standard IEC Motors

IEC Motors

Standard IEC motors Series Low Volt OME, are particularly efficient thanks to the structural quality that ensures long life even when operating at full capacity of fans, pumps, compressors and other mechanical equipment.

The modular construction concept also provides a high degree of flexibility. All motors Standard IEC reach the highest efficiency values operating performance by offering high-level and low starting current.

IE4 Permanent Magnets

IE4 Permanent Magnets

In pursuit of the company’s goal to offer the best product to every customer, OME presents the latest generation of electric motors:
IE4 SUPER PREMIUM EFFICIENCY with electric motors with permanent magnets.


The IE4 electric motors offer the best results, both in terms of performance and in terms of energy efficiency.
Some of its main features are:
– Starting Line Permanent magnet with cage rotor auxiliary for fixed speed applications.
– Permanent magnets electric motors driven by an electronic variable speed drive (VSD) for variable speed applications.