water chlorinationAl-Rawan specializes in the water treatment industry. Over a hundred chlorination system projects were completed so far for the disinfecting of water. We have a collaboration with one of Europe’s best water treatment companies: ControlMatik ABW. ControlMatik ABW was founded in 1979, in Slovenia, and has been working in the water treatment industry ever since. The company manufactures dosing equipment for water disinfection through chlorination. It also produces devices for measurement, regulation and control of different parameters in water, and safety equipment for the detection and neutralization of toxic gases in the air, as well as engineering solutions for drinking water, swimming pools and process water in industry.

ControlMatik ABW main products are vacuum regulators, pressure regulators, rotameters, chlorine gas filters, chlorine ejectors, chlorine and PH measurements devices and many more water treatment products.

Chlorination systems could be set using the following items:

Vacuum Regulators

Vacuum Regulators are a part of chlorination system, designed for dosing gas chlorine and with minor alterations also other gases, working on the indirect vacuum principle.

Chlorination Vacuum Regulators

Vacuum Switchover

The automatic switchover system is completely vacuum operated device and automatically switches chlorine feed from an empty chlorine source to a full chlorine source, without manual reset. Optionally it can be equipped with electrical signal indicating which source is in use. The switch occurs mechanically and no additional energy is required. Switchover from empty chlorine source to the full chlorine source provides uninterrupted operation. The system will not switch back to new chlorine source until the one in use is exhausted. The switchover device operates under vacuum from the vacuum regulator to the ejector.

Chlorination Vacuum Switchover


It is a mechanical device that generates the vacuum necessary for operation of the feed system.

The booster pump drives water through the ejector. This generates vacuum, the power of which depends on the pump pressure and permeability of the drive nozzle. Vacuum fills the ejector with gas chlorine which mixes with water in the mixing chamber. The mixture of chlorine and water is then injected into the water-supply system. The check valve prevents irruption of water into the
vacuum line.

Chlorination Ejector


Rotameters are gas flow meters applied in a gas chlorination system to regulate the flow. The size and type of the measuring tube varies according to the flow range and gas type. The rate valve is designed for accurate regulation of the desire d gas flow, which is read on the measuring tube.

Chlorination Rotameters

M 4510 C Chlorine Gas Leak Detector with probe unit M 2103 C

The M 4510 C se ries Controlmatik ABW detection u nit is assemble d as separate signal evaluation unit with display unit with two adjustable alarms and fault alarm, power supply unit and separate detection cell – probe.The detection cell is mounted in an IP 65 housing and features 4- 20 mA output which is connected to the signal evaluation unit.

Gas Detection Sensor M 2103 C

The M 2103 C series Controlmatik ABW chlorine gas detection sensor is designed to detect and indicate chlorine concentrations in the air and to provide safety in storage areas and in places where the gaseous chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite are dosed.

Chlorine Gas Leak Detector